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Summary C#/IIS based web interface of Subversion repositories
Category scm
License BSD License
Owner(s) rayj

Subview is a repository browser for Subversion for a Windows server.


The goal of this project is to create a web based repository viewer for the Subversion source code control system.  Subview will be able to view a repository on any system but is implemented in C# and runs on Windows under IIS.

It is desired to have as much or more functionality as ViewCVS but be very easy to set up and administer on a Windows server.


  • List all repositories hosted by SubView, though each Repository may be configured with a slightly different Skin (i.e. replace the CSS, images & configure some functionality.)
  • View the repository like a file system, with options to change revisions.
  • View & download files from the repository.  (With colorization via enscript.)
  • View differences between revision in a nice graphical maner.


  • The project is implemented in the C# language.
  • Currently it only runs on IIS, would be cool to have it work with Mono on apache though...
  • Tool currently uses a wrapper for "svn.exe" to do all the real work.  Ideally, this should be changed to use C# interfaces to the Subversion libraries.

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VS 2005 & Web Application Projects

In order the open the project files you will need to have Visual Studio 2005 and install the Web Application Projects enhancement that Microsoft shipped after VS 2005 shiped. You can find the download for Web Application Projects here:

(You will also need to install the prerequisites listed on that page as well.)

Apparently, this will not be needed after SP1 for VS 2005 ships.